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Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Emily King
Manager, Woolgrower Education & Capacity Building

About Bestprac

Bestprac was a network that provided support for pastoral wool, sheep meat and cattle producers to improve their business and production performance. Bestprac operated between 1997 to 2013. Bestprac aimed to break down the barriers of distance by providing a web-based information hub on the Bestprac website.

Bestprac was about; networking with other growers, improving peer support and increasing motivation to achieve goals in an often harsh and isolating environment. The specific Bestprac approach empowered individuals to innovate and remain in the industry.

Bestprac operated in the pastoral zones of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. As this network was based in the pastoral zone, distance is the greatest battle to overcome when getting members together. Bestprac provided a platform that connects producers with up to date news, innovations, events, and research.

Bestprac hosted biennial national and state forums to allow members to gain technical advice and learn about innovations relevant to the pastoral regions.

Bestprac often linked with other pastoral projects such as working to develop the Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual and local NRM initiatives.