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‘Helping Woolgrowers make Decisions’ Forum at Hay Shear Outback

By Sally Ware, Riverina Local Land Services, Hay

Local landholders combined with students from Charles Sturt University and University of Sydney to attend a forum held in the woolshed at Shear Outback recently.

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Webinar on early weaning using a high starch diet for rumen development

Accelerating Pastoral Zone Innovation Webinar
June 6, 12:30-1:15pm

This webinar will teach you about an innovative way to improve your weaner survival and performance which is critical to increasing profitability. This innovation can provide a method for pastoralists to improve the management of weaners and overall profitability.

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Concept to Impact- Registrations now open!

Sheep CRC Final Conference- Adelaide
This conference will focus on providing practical, take home messages for breeders, producers and companies in the meat and wool supply chains.

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LambEx 2014 reveals cracker program that tackles tough industry issues

LAMBEX 2014 has today released a cutting edge program featuring a star line-up of new speakers, some familiar faces and – in its trademark style – an array of local and global issues that don’t shy away from any of the big ticket items influencing the sheep and lamb industry’s future.

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Field survey of blowfly resistance to dicyclanil/cyromazine

Dr Garry Levot, Menangle

Australian Wool Innovation has funded the NSW Department of Primary Industries to conduct a 2 year survey of Australian sheep blowfly populations to measure their susceptibility to registered flystrike insecticides.

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Bestprac Qld State Forum - Friday 4th April, Longreach

What’s on the menu for your Livestock?
Friday 4th April, 2014 8.45-3.30pm
Auditorium Longreach Pastoral College, Longreach

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Striving through the Dry

On Thursday November 28, 2013 from 2-6pm, the Rural Financial Councilling Service, ANZ and Bestprac network will be supporting a forum in Broken Hill  to help pastoralists manage the recent dry conditions.

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AuctionsPlus Wool Webinar- 14 November

AuctionsPlus Wool is the subject of an upcoming Leading Sheep webinar. Our principal speaker will be Tony Benson the Market Operations Manager for AuctionsPlus and Wool Trade. The webinar is on Thursday 14 November starting at 1pm -2.15pm

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Adelaide LambEx

South Australia will host biennial sheep and lamb conference LambEx 2014 at the Adelaide Showgrounds from July 9-11.

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New MLA research to quantify labour input in Australian sheepmeat and cattle enterprises

Labour contributes a significant cost to running a sheepmeat or beef cattle enterprise however there is little data on how much individual tasks contribute to this cost. In new research, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is looking to industry to help quantify this gap to ensure it can appropriately develop options for improving labour productivity and efficiency.

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Successful Optimum Reproduction Workshops in QLD

Leading Sheep QLD

The Making More from Sheep funded (with the support of Leading Sheep) a series of 4 "Nutritional Management of Merinos for Optimum Reproduction" workshop throughout Qld (Longreach, Cunnamulla, Bollon & St George) in August with a total of 80 participants. 

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RamSelect Workshops- Blackall & Longreach

Leading Sheep QLD
Date Claimer: Blackall (Showgrounds) - 17th September and Longreach (Pastoral College) - 19th September

Rams are purchased on one day of the year but their effect on your flock lasts for many years. Make sure you buy the right genes for production, quality and disease resistance.

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Hay Wool Production Seminar – Hay May 23

By Sally Ware, NSW DPI, Hay

Landholders are invited to join final year university students from Sydney, Charles Sturt and Melbourne for a wool production seminar at the Hay Shear Outback Shearing Shed on Thursday, May 23.

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Spelling paddocks over summer- good for your pastures and your pocket

Nicole Sallur, Extension Officer, Agri-Science Queensland, DAFF

“I look after my pastures, the pastures look after my stock and my stock look after me!”

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Producer Training - Sheep CRC

The Sheep CRC can provide the following training courses and workshops:

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Profitability of a Merino Sheep Enterprise - Doing the numbers and understanding the levers

Session notes from the Blackall and Stanthorpe AWI Wool Clip events.

Profitability of a Merino Sheep Enterprise - Doing the numbers and understanding the levers.

Bred Well Fed Well Workshops

These free, one-day workshops are supported by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (Sheep CRC) as a part of a national program to increase sheep industry productivity.

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Using eID for Sheep Management & Breeding Course

This short course is designed for sheep breeders to increase their understanding of the technology, data collection and analysis. Participants will develop the skills and confidence to effectively implement eID within their enterprise. More Information

Flystrike Management Workshops

Flystrike and Lice Management workshops will be held at locations around Australia and will provide information for sheep producers on an integrated approach to managing breech strike and body strike. More information


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