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Environment Useful Links

AWI Drought resources

Dry seasonal conditions need to be planned for, and carefully managed for the sustainability of woolgrowing enterprises, the industry and the environment. 

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Drought Relief Assistance Scheme for QLD

DRAS is a scheme set up by the Queensland Government to help primary producers in the grazing industries manage their livestock during and after a drought. Many producers are looking to apply for assistance and there are a number of different...

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Southern Livestock Adaption

The three year Southern Livestock Adaption program looked at a range of future climate scenarios and the impact on farm profitability and productivity. Information generated from the program is now available.

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Finding green grant and funding opportunites just go easier with FundingLINK

FundingLINK is one of Australia's most comprehensive searchable catalogue of environmentally focussed grant and funding opportunities available throughout the country. Finding grant and funding opportunities has never been so easy!

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NSW DPI- Western Division newsletter

The Western Division Newsletter is produced by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI). It provides landholders living in the western areas of NSW with information relevant to their lifestyle and pastoral enterprises.

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Rangeland Research

Several CSIRO scientists have contributed to a publication marking 100 years of rangeland research in the USA. A special issue of the journal Rangeland Ecology and Management commemorates the establishment of the Jornada Experimental Range in...

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Landcare Australia Limited

The Landcare online website has information about the Landcare dedicated to managing environmental issues in local communities.

Australian Rangeland Society 'Speaking for the Rangelands'

The Australian Rangeland society is an association of people interested in the management and sustainable use of resources in natural or semi-natural landscapes, such as grasslands, shrublands, and woodlands. This website and society provides a...

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Website

The DAFF website gives businesses access to the Department's information, from climate change, to resource management, biosecurity etc.

Caring for our Country

This website has information regarding Caring for our Country which is one way the Australian Government funds environmental management of our natural resources by supporting communities, farmers and other land managers to protect Australia's...

Feral animal management in Australia

Feral animal management in Australia has information on how best to manage this presence to reduce agricultural and environmental impacts of feral animals in australia.  

Invasive Animals CRC

The Invasive Animals CRC contains information from the largest integrated invasive animal research program in Australia.

The invasive animal CRC creates new technologies and integrated strategies to reduce the impact of invasive animals on...

Wild Dogs Fact Sheet

Wild Dogs Fact Sheet from the QLD Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Contains information on the management of Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs Control- QLD DAFF

Wild Dog Control, QLD Department of Agriculture website

This website contains information and a number of links to other valuable websites on this topic including management strategies.

Climate Change

The Australian Governments, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Climate Change Website includes all of the relevant information on what you need to know about the topic.


Carbon Farming Initiative

The Carbon Farming Initiative website has all the information for farmers looking to earn carbon credits by storing carbon or reducing greenhouse emissions on the land.

PestSmart YouTube channel

The PestSmart YouTube channel contains clips of practical instructions on a range of pest animal control methods, new products and monitoring techniques.

The PestSmart Toolkit provides comprehensive management information packages on several...

Feral pigs in Australia videos


Pigs arrived in Australia with the First Fleet and today feral populations inhabit around 40% of Australia. Feral pigs cause agricultural damage through predation of newborn lambs, reduction in crop yields, damage to fences and water sources,...

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Dr Hugh Pringle, Ecosystem Management Understanding (EMU) - Australian Story 5/3/12

Australian Story Link EMU™ is a trademarked, not-for-profit process that builds on existing local land managers knowledge of the land and its management.

Global Climate Change

NASA's eye on the earth >>

NSW Version of Climate Dogs – Released

The Climate Smart Agriculture Team have released the NSW version of the Climate Dogs.

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Feral Scan

Help map the feral animal sightings in your area >>

Climate Change Resources

Bestprac has received funding through the FarmReady program to undertake the project

‘Implementing new practices to manage climate change variability in the Australian Pastoral zone’


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Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

The department is responsible for implementing the Australian Government's policies to protect our environment and heritage, and to promote a sustainable way of life. >> Go to the DSEWPC website

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Climate Change Australia

OzClim enables you to generate and explore Australian climate scenarios. You can choose from a selection of most requested scenarios or create your own scenario.

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Land and Water Australia

Knowledge for managing Australian Landscapes 1990 - 2009

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