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Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Emily King
Manager, Woolgrower Education & Capacity Building

Innovations in the Pastoral Zone

Accelerating Pastoral Zone Innovation

Australian producers have shared the innovative things they are doing to reduce time, save costs and generally make life easier. We are pleased to launch the outputs of the Accelerating Rangeland Innovation project.

Wool producers who are seeking new ideas to implement in their business can now access a series of innovations from other pastoral properties.


These have been published here on the Bestprac Website as innovation profiles, business cases and videos, and are now available here.


Click here to view these innovations.

The Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual

In 2009 this documented a range of on-property innovations from pastoral areas and from other industry and geographical regions of Australia that are applicable to Australian pastoral businesses.

This is published as a manual has been specifically designed for Australian pastoral land managers and graziers.