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Livestock Management Innovations


Early weaning using a high starch diet for rumen development

Improving weaner survival and performance is critical to increasing profitability on James Robertson’s pastoral property. This innovative weaning program can provide a method for pastoralists to improve the management of weaners and overall profitability.

Read this innovation to learn how James implemented this innovation and use the templates to guide decision making for your own business.


Shearing Every Eight Months

Shearing every eight months has solved Kevin, Robyn and Bryan Ingram problem of increased staple length and reduced wool income at their property north-west of Pooncarie, NSW.  This business case assesses the innovation of shearing every eight months, and how it has helped the Ingram’s become more profitable.

Read this innovation to learn of the benefits, costs and risks associated with this innovation, and the steps you can take to assess this option in your business.


Option for Goat Management

Feral goats are an issue across the pastoral zone. Implementing management options can reduce their impact on Total Grazing Pressure (TGP) and ensures sheep production remains viable. This business case identifies the options for controlling goats. It also highlights the McLeod’s technique for managing the goat population on Coombah Station, NSW.


Learn the benefits, risks and costs of each goat management option.




Walk-over Weighing

Walk-over weighing (WOW) is a remote weighing system that can provide Pastoral Producers with an easier and more efficient option to measure and record sheep body weigh daily. Jamie McTaggert trailled the WOW system in 2008 on his property in northern South Australia. This business case explores the issues and considerations Jamie faced when implementing this technology in the pastoral zone. It also provides updated information on the technology and systems since Jamie trailled it.


This business case aims to provide useful information and tools to help you make a decision about WOW for your own business.


Bestprac ran a webinar on Walk-over weighing and Precision Sheep Management, delivered by Hamish Dickson from AgriPartner Consulting. Watch the recording here. 


Using Lick Feeders to Supplementary Feed Ewes

Maintaining ewe nutrition has been a challenge for the Hegarty’s at Colanya Station, Longreach. This business case shows how the Hegarty’s have implemented lick feeders as opposed to trail feeding their ewes. It also provides templates for you to assess the risks, costs and benefits of using lick feeders on your own property.

Read this innovation to learn how the Hegarty’s have improved production, and reduced labour and operating costs associated with supplementary feeding.




Property Management Innovations


Options for Water Telemetry
Checking stock water is a time consuming job at David Counsell’s sheep station. He has implemented water telemetry to reduce the labour and operating costs of checking multiple water points over large distances.

Assess the different water telemetry systems available and use the templates to guide decision making for your own business in this business case.



Marketing Innovations


Opportunistic Stock Trading

Trading stock has given Angus and Kelly Whyte a solution to capitalise on the variable seasons, including those with excess grass and periods with low feed availability. This trading strategy ensures they are achieving optimal carrying capacity, maintaining the environments health, as well as achieving their business goals.

 Review this business case and see stock trading options, and the steps you can take to apply these options to your business.


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