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Livestock Innovation Profiles


Plastic grating in the shearing shed

Moving weaners across uneven timber gratings in the shearing can be difficult when the light is coming through from underneath. The Lindners from north west of Morgan in South Australia have installed plastic gratings to overcome this problem. They have found the plastic gratings to be highly durable, quick to install and make moving sheep across it easier.               

Learn how they have used this material, and the benefits of it in the innovation profile below.



Chemical Shuttle Hay Feeder

The Evans' of Wunkar in the South Australian Mallee, found that once empty most farm chemical shuttles were surplus to requirement and commonly sit wasting away. This profile shows an innovative and cost effective use for these by turning them into hay or straw feeders.             

Learn how they have done this in the innovation profile below.



Low Stress Stock Handling

Low Stress Stock Handling is a solution Angus and Kelly Whyte employed to make their stock more manageable. Prior to this they found stock handling could be stressful, for both themselves and their stock and decided to review their practices. This innovation profile demonstrates the principles of low stress stock handling and how the Whyte’s have improved stock manageability and overall productivity.                                                                                                                   

Read this innovation to learn the principles and benefits associated with low stress stock handling.



Increasing Lambing Percentages in the Pastoral Zone

Poor lambing percentages have been a challenge for Sue and Pat Hegarty at Colanya Station. They have successfully implemented existing ‘inside country’ strategies, such as pregnancy scanning and supplementary feeding, to increase their lambing percentages.


Read the innovation profile to learn the principles and benefits of the Hegarty’s innovative approach to lambing.



Property Management Innovation Profiles


Telemetry Controlled Gate System

Being able to remotely control a gate system has saved time, and created efficiencies on Jane Luckraft's property, Bendleby station at Orroroo in South Australia. This system was trailled to investigate changes in management practices and the potential for it to support a rotational grazing system to improve carrying capacity.

Learn more about the results of the trial and how it was set up in this innovation.



Water point relocation using map grade altimeter

Moving water efficiently and cost effectively across large tracts of land is very important for large pastoral properties. James Robertson from Chowilla in South Australia, recognised that if they could relocate many of the troughs and storage tanks using an accurate altimeter they could set up the watering system to exploit its natural movement. 


This innovation profile describes how James has used this innovation to move water via siphoning and reduced the need for as many pumps.



Motion Sensor Camera

Farm security in the pastoral zone can be an issue given the size and remoteness of properties. Motion sensing cameras can be installed to give producers peace of mind that security of the property is not breached. They can also be used to remotely monitor the health of stock and water availablity at troughs.


Read this innovation profile to find out how easy motion sensing cameras are to set up, and the benefits they can bring to your business.



Cell Centre Watering Point

Being able to provide stock water to multiple paddocks by a single water point has saved Angus and Kelly Whyte a lot of time checking tanks and troughs. To achieve this they have designed and constructed cell centre watering points at their property north of Wentworth NSW.

Read this profile to learn more about the cell centres on Wyndham Station.



Second Hand Vineyard Posts

Second hand vineyard posts have provided Kevin, Robyn and Bryan Ingram with a low cost fencing material for their property north-west of Pooncarie, NSW.  Learn how they have implemented a cheaper alternative to steel fence posts to save on fencing costs.

Read this innovation profile and find out more.



Monitoring Water Levels Using Telemetry System

Remotely monitoring water tanks provides David Counsell with the peace of mind that his stock always have access to water. To achieve this he has installed a relatively inexpensive water telemetry system, which will alert him to any problems before they become a larger issues.

Read this innovation to find out more about water telemetry at Dunblane.


Efficient Wild Dog Baiting

Wild dogs are a significant threat to livestock on David Counsell’s property, Dunblane, and baiting can be time consuming. This innovation shows how integrating a range of management techniques to increase baiting efficiency saves David on labour.

Download this innovation to learn how to implement this on your own property.



Managing Total Grazing Pressure with Exclusion Fencing

The feed available for livestock was constantly being reduced by the grazing of non-domestic animals at the Thomas’ NSW pastoral property. To overcome this, they have constructed exclusion fencing which prevents goats and kangaroos from grazing on the sheep feed. This conserves feed for livestock and improves pasture diversity.


To learn more about their exclusion fence design read this innovation.




Hay Baling Native Pasture

James Walker’s pastoral property near Longreach experiences a peak in feed supply that is often missed by the inability to rapidly increase stocking rates. Hay baling native pasture offers James an alternative which increases feed security and income.


Read this innovation profile to find out the principles of hay baling on pastoral properties.




Use of Trap Yards at Watering Points

Feral goats are an issue for many pastoral properties across Australia. Trap yards allow goats to be self-mustered when they visit watering points. This innovation reduces the labour required for effective management goat populations.

 Read this innovation to learn more about trap yards and how you can implement this innovation on your own property.



Environment Innovation Profiles


Conserving Water with a Superdam

Water storage is essential for pastoral properties in hot and low rainfall areas. Greg and Alicia Patten who are from the north eastern pastoral zone of South Australia, have designed and constructed a Superdam system to supply water to their flock. This Superdam increases the amount of rainfall caught and stored, reduces evaporation and the cost of dam cleaning.

Read this innovation to learn more about the Superdam and how or if you can implement this innovation on your property.



Erosion control along tracks and fencelines

Erosion in the pastoral zone creates gullies and can make land hard to use for grazing, difficult to drive across and erodes fence lines. Dave and Rikki Allen, who live 45km west of Cobar in NSW, have been addressing this issue to improve infrastructure of their property to be able to run sheep and increase productivity. This innovation is a new erosion control method that re-instates the natural water flow.

Read this profile to learn more how you can reduce erosion on your property through this innovation.



Water Drum Fly Trap

Flies and the instance of flystrike are a common problem for sheep health and are a working environment nuisance. This profile is from the Evans' located at Wunkar in the South Australian Mallee, who have found an innovative organic method for reducing fly numbers, helping flock performance and creating a better working environment.

Read more about how this fly trap was created in this innovation



Mitigating Erosion Around Watering Points

Old car tyres and conveyor belts provide stability for soils around Kevin, Robyn, and Brian Ingrams water troughs. High levels of livestock traffic to water make these areas highly susceptible to soil compaction and erosion. This innovation has effectively overcome this issue and reduced the degradation around watering points.

Read about how erosion issues were mitigated on Aston Station in this profile.



Erosion Control with Envirorolls

The pastoral soils of the Murchison region in WA are fragile and can be easily eroded in heavy rainfall events. To prevent further land degredation, David Pollock from Wooleen Station has invented the ‘enviroroll’. This innovative idea slows the flow of water which helps maintain the soil structure and conserve water to promote perennial plant growth.

Read this innovation to learn how the enviroroll works and how you could use it on your property.


People Management Innovations 


Wireless Broadband to the bush

The Lindners'  who live 25km north west of Morgan, South Australia, were fed up with  their slow and unreliable internet connection. They wanted to find a way to improve the download speeds and increase the number of service providers that could reach them.

This innovation profile demonstrates how an isolated business can improve options and internet connections.



Expanded Metal Walkway on a Loading Ramp

Working at height on a loading ramp or at the race can result in accidents, especially if the surface is wet. Rather than invest in a new loading ramp, the Evans' from Wunkar in the South Australian Mallee, have customised their existing ramp by using perforated metal to expand the walkway. This has improved worker safety in a low cost manner.

Learn about how they achieved this in this innovation profile



Using GPS Smart Phone Apps out Mustering

The Turnbull's of Moonabie Station on the Upper Eastern Eyre Peninsula in SA, use GPS tracking on their Smart Phones when mustering to increase Work Health and Safety and improve the efficiency of their muster. This app not only helps to identifies where each musterer is at all times, but also ensures that if one of the musterers is in trouble they can be located easily.

 Learn about this innovation and the benefits that the Turnbull's have noticed since employing the strategy.



Flash Jackets Worn While Mustering

Wearing high visibility flash jackets when mustering has helped overcome some of the challenges associated with mustering on David and Genevieve Counsell’s property, Dunblane at Barcaldine QLD. The inability to see their team was impacting on the safety of workers and mustering efficiency. They looked for a simple solution which led to this innovation.

Read this profile to learn about the principles, and benefits of implementing this safety measure on your property.



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