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Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Emily King
Manager, Woolgrower Education & Capacity Building

Livestock Management Case Studies

Welcome to the Bestprac Case Study Series, which each quarter will focus on a producer who is doing something new, unique and interesting in their business.

Although each case study will be different, they are designed to provide you with the tools and information you need to consider applying the new approach, way of thinking, technology or process to your business.

We’re planning to cover a diverse range of case studies from across the country, from animal husbandry to performance analysis, marketing, environment, people management, business systems and more.

The case studies will look at what drove the innovation, how it was implemented, the results that have been seen and enjoyed, lessons learnt and how it could be adapted and implemented by rangelands producers around the country.


Control strategy gets the Goat

There’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to feral goats. While the sale of feral goats can provide some additional income to producers, they are estimated to eat roughly the same amount of vegetation as sheep, and their hidden cost...

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Ewe Turn: Using Genetics to tackle fly strike

Breech and bodystrike can be major issues for pastoral wool growers. Bestprac has released another Innovation Case Study focusing on using objective and subjective genetic tools to remove wrinkle.

The case study features David Thompson and his...

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Select Twin-Bearing Ewes For More Lambs

Goondiwindi vet Dr Mike Rival sees many Merino wool producers fail to maximise the number of lambs on the ground through a lack of attention to ewe selection and nutrition. The old adage of breeders to breed ‘one good lamb’ is faulty, Dr Rival...

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For producers living south of the Dog Fence in the sheep pastoral zone of the SA Arid Lands region, wild dogs have become an increasing problem.

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Weather Watch

Susan and Ben Carn run a 10,000 hectare property just out of Quorn in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

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