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Livestock Management Useful Links

AWI Drought resources

Dry seasonal conditions need to be planned for, and carefully managed for the sustainability of woolgrowing enterprises, the industry and the environment. 

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Lifetime Ewe Management continues with added FOO

The Lifetime Ewe Management course (LTEM) continues to be supported with the latest contract extension from Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

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Drought Relief Assistance Scheme for QLD

DRAS is a scheme set up by the Queensland Government to help primary producers in the grazing industries manage their livestock during and after a drought. Many producers are looking to apply for assistance and there are a number of different...

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Southern Livestock Adaption

The three year Southern Livestock Adaption program looked at a range of future climate scenarios and the impact on farm profitability and productivity. Information generated from the program is now available.

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Finding green grant and funding opportunites just go easier with FundingLINK

FundingLINK is one of Australia's most comprehensive searchable catalogue of environmentally focussed grant and funding opportunities available throughout the country. Finding grant and funding opportunities has never been so easy!

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NSW DPI- Western Division newsletter

The Western Division Newsletter is produced by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI). It provides landholders living in the western areas of NSW with information relevant to their lifestyle and pastoral enterprises.

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Animal Health Australia Presentation

On the 19th of December Animal Health Australia ran an interactive web conference (webinar) to present the findings on the latest results of long-term field tests of Pfizer’s Gudair® vaccine against ovine Johne’s disease. This can now be viewed...

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Lifetime Wool- more lambs, better wool, healthy ewes

Lifetimewool has a series of ewe and pasture targets that increase productivity and profitability of the Merino sheep enterprise for regions across southern Australia. There are also management guidelines and tools for ewe flocks at all times of...

Guard Animals for Livestock Protection

This publication by the NSW Department of Primary Industries reviews the effectiveness of different guardian species available in Australia for livestock producers. 

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Website

The DAFF website gives businesses access to the Department's information, from climate change, to resource management, biosecurity etc.

Sheep Genetics Website

The Sheep Genetics website gives producers information on ASBVs, Breeding tips and most importantly is the hub for LAMBPLAN, MERINO SELECT, and KIDPLAN. These programs have practical information for meat and wool sheep, and goat producers on the...


LiceBoss is a decision support system which can help woolgrowers control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control.

Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars

The Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars’ website gives you access to blogs and reports from past scholars, current scholars and australian news and information on how to apply for your own...

Wild Dogs Control- QLD DAFF

Wild Dog Control, QLD Department of Agriculture website

This website contains information and a number of links to other valuable websites on this topic including management strategies.

Shearing Contractors' Association of Australia

The Shearing Contractors' Association of Australia is a national industry association, representing the interests of Australian shearing contractors. The website offers membership, and information on news and events, wool harvesting jobs,...

Shearing World

The shearing world website contains information including available jobs, contractors, industry employers, competitions and a posting of current records.


PestSmart YouTube channel

The PestSmart YouTube channel contains clips of practical´╗┐ instructions on a range of pest animal control methods, new products and monitoring techniques.

The PestSmart Toolkit provides comprehensive management information packages on several...

Precision Sheep Management training

Developed by Sheep CRC - A series of recordings from live webinars with an audience of sheep producers interested in introducing Precision Sheep Management to their enterprises, are now available for download.  Click here to view.

Making More from Pastures

A one-stop information package delivering the essential processes for a successful beef business. >>

Guardian Dog Manual

Designed to equip land managers with the knowledge to be self-reliant in livestock and property protection against wild dogs, foxes and other predators >> Guardian Dog Manual  


Farm Innovation in the broadacre and dairy industries 2006 - 07 and 2007 - 08

ABARE Report: "Farm Innovation in the broadacre and dairy industries 2006 - 07 and 2007 - 08" Report available on ABARE website


Go to and subscribe to the monthly worm news. It’s free and keeps you updated on worm activity in your part of the world

Feral Scan

Help map the feral animal sightings in your area >>

Sheep Genetics Australia

Sheep Genetics is the national genetic information and evaluation service for the meat and wool sectors of the sheep industry delivered as LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT. >>

Making More from Sheep

AWI and MLA have joined forces to develop Making More From Sheep, a best practice package of information, tools and learning opportunities for Australian sheep producers. >>

NSW Livestock Health and Pest Authorities

Livestock Health and Pest Authorities deliver the frontline livestock health service in NSW.

The Sheep CRC

The Sheep CRC, includes all of Australia's leading sheep industry organizations in a program aimed at transforming wool, meat and the sheep that produce them. >> Go to Sheep CRC website


Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company, working in partnership with industry and government to achieve a profitable and sustainable red meat and livestock industry in Australia. >> go to  MLA website  

Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by over 29,000 Australian woolgrowers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool. >> go to AWI website

MLA Climate Change Resource Centre

MLA has made it easy for sheep producers to access a range of resources on the impact of climate change on Australian livestock industries including tips on adapting to these impacts. >> go to MLA Climate Change Resource Centre website

Participative Action Research

Participative Action Research, or PAR as it is known, is a process by which producers have significant inputs into defining research needs, designing and executing the trial projects. While common in “inside country”, it is not as common in...

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Merino Super Sires 16 Released

The latest Merino Superior Sires has been released onto the Merino Superior Sires website and can be downloaded now at

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