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Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual

Posted by Bestprac on Feb 02 2012

Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual - order now

The Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual has documented a range of on-property innovations from pastoral areas and from other industry and geographical regions of Australia that are applicable to Australian rangeland businesses. This manual has been specifically designed for Australian pastoral land managers and graziers.

The innovations documented in this manual have been identified through group-based on-property sessions as part of Bestprac in QLD, NSW, SA and WA, road trips conducted as part of this project and Bestprac innovation forums held throughout Australian in 2009. Innovations have also been identified by non-Bestprac members from across Australia.

The value of an innovation is not always recognised when the invention is made. It may take sometime before the innovation is appreciated within and by the market. Often innovation is not recognised because things have had to happen out of necessity to solve an issue or problem and the inventors themselves do not recognise the invention as an innovation.

Innovations profiled in the manual show to be at least one of the following:
• New product/s
• New use for existing products
• New material for existing product/s
• New process
• New business model/s
• New distribution system
• New source of supply
• New supply chain relationship/s

Innovations that are profiled in this manual have shown either business growth, improved standards of safety, enhanced quality, created better outcomes for the environments, increased productivity and/or increased efficiency.

The manual aims to share practical on property innovations that have shown improved outcomes for the innovator whilst encouraging innovative thinking of the readers of this manual. We hope this manual inspires you to make innovative improvements to your business and property.

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