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Bayer Animal Health - Mulesing Update

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 15 2009

By Natasha Morley, Rural Directions Pty Ltd

Report from Bayer Animal Health information sessions about alternatives to mulesing.


This week, Bayer Animal Health hosted information sessions about the alternatives to Mulesing and the Better Choices program at Port Augusta, Hawker and Jamestown.

Some key points that were raised at the Jamestown session Friday 29 May 2009 included:

• There is currently no push for the cessation of mulesing to be legislated, however you are encouraged to consider the options and incorporate alternatives such as mulesing with pain relief.
• Sue Jacka, who has a Mulesing and Dipping Contracting business in SA and has participated extensively in the trials to find alternatives, spoke about the mulesing accreditation program.

o One day training program to learn the style of mulesing that is promoted by the industry. This ensures an industry standard. This course is available for both producers and contractors.
o For a cost of $660 per person, the program also involves learning how to correctly set and grind shears.
o To run a course, the host needs to provide 500 lambs for 7-8 participants. The host can complete the course for free.
o Contact Kondinin on 1800 200 798 for course details
o Subsidies are available for this training. Contact Kondinin for more details.

• Sue also spoke about some of the alternatives to surgical mulesing. The clips are now commercially available from Leader Products at a cost of 80c per set of four (two breech clips and two tail clips).


• If you choose to use the clips, Leader will put you in contact with a contractor which will charge $600/day where they will 'clip' approximately 600-700 lambs per day. Initially contractors are being used for clip application to ensure the clips are correctly applied.


• See the following link for more details about the clips.

• It has been found that the clips more readily suit lambs that are plain bodied with loose skin. Some cradles hold the lambs skin too tight, so it was suggested that you may find that releasing a leg can assist in fastening the clip more effectively.


• A question was raised about the incidence of fly strike while the clips are on the lambs. It was suggested that Clik is applied at the time of clip application.


• Intradermals go to field trial this year in NSW therefore these are no costings available at this stage.


Sarah Jared, Area Manager in SA for Bayer Animal Health discussed the Better Choices Program and the use and role of Tri Solfen which is proving to be an effective pain relief method post mulesing for lambs. Tri-Solfen is available through your Veterinarian.


• Producers are encouraged to register with the Better Choices Program. For more information contact call 1800 678 368 or visit 

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