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Posted by Bestprac on Feb 07 2010

Step 4: Nutrition

This is my fourth article on health and the response to my other articles has been fantastic. I really appreciate your feedback on ways we can improve Rural Health.
A lot of male farmers are atrocious when it comes to good nutrition. The ladies on the other hand are a lot more focused on what is good food to consume and then motivated enough to make the right choices. In all of my presentations the blokes rarely see the impact that their nutritional habits have on their lives until it is a little too late. Most have been brought up on high fat meat and two vegies where the fat content does not really matter. Now this will effect some with increased girth measurements and others will remain quite thin but have high cholesterol or other related illnesses. Because it doesn’t happen overnight, it rarely rates with people wanting to change unless they are challenged medically or physically through testing.

Nutrition is very basic and farmers are the direct source of all good nutrition. So you guys should be our shining examples. To recognise if you really are consuming the right food, you need to record it. If you don’t write it down, you are doing nothing but guessing, rationalising and believing it is all okay. So in saying that, write all you have had to drink and eat in the past 24 hours. Everything. Now tick off from the following list and see how well your nutrition actually is.
Have you had the following in the past 24 hours:

  • Consumed 2 litres of water
  • Consumed 500ml of water for every half hour of strenuous exercise or work
  • Consumed 235ml of water for every cup of coffee
  • 2 Serves of Fruit
  • 5 Serves of Assorted Vegetables or Salad
  • 2 Serves of Calcium (Dairy or Green Leafy Vegetables)
  • Consumed 5 Separate Meals during the day.
  • Ensured that your meals got smaller as the day progresses and not larger
  • Had a great combination of Protein (low fat) and Complex Carbohydrate (E.g. whole grain pasta, rice, breads) with every major meal.


Good nutrition is about the enjoyment of good foods and educating yourself on creating healthy enjoyable recipes to suit your lifestyle. Don’t read too much of anything that says diet. A diet is something you go on and get off. Eat sensibly and in a balanced way. Unfortunately the rural community are an amazing group of people who often leave HEALTH as the last priority in their life and regularly suffer as a result. SO PUMP UP and make a difference.

To have Rod conduct FEAR or HEALTH seminars with you and or your organisation you can contact him on 0439845513 or email.


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