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Posted by Bestprac on Jan 06 2010

Step 3: Exercise

This health article based on exercise. It is amazing when I perform my presentations to rural groups in acknowledging just how mobile you are, because when you think about it exercise is just a routine of basic physical movements that prolongs your mobility. We often get caught up in shape and appearance rather than the practical components of mobility. The mobility for you is related to your farm work and your other physical related goals.

So let’s get a little physical and look at a basic check of your mobility. Exercise itself is broken up into 3 components:

Cardiovascular Exercise:
Predominantly any exercise that allows your body to move so that your heart rate is safely elevated over a longer period of time. Preferably 40 mins per day. 4 Days per week.

Any movement that assists in increasing muscle size and its ability to sustain a load over a short period of time. Preferably an overall Body Program at least twice a week. Particularly the lower back and abdominal area.

The ability to assist in the elongation of muscles that we use every day. This is to ensure that they remain supple (loose and controlled) and are ready to be used when required. Preferably every day.


  • Your body was made to move.
  • Increase Cardiac Performance.
  • Release Endorphins.
  • Burns Fats and Calories (You consume them everyday. Some of you too many)
  • Strengthen ligaments, muscles and tendons. (Reduces Injuries)

Exercise gives you a quality of life where you choose what you do, rather than letting your bad health habits destroy your ability to enjoy life. Think about that and have a look at your waist line. You have one body, make the most of it.

Life is all about Good Food and Great Attitude.

To have Rod conduct FEAR or HEALTH seminars with you and or your organisation you can contact him on 0439 845 513 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0439 845 513      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email Rod.

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