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Posted by Bestprac on Nov 14 2009

 Step 2:  Motivation

First of all thank you all very much for the fantastic feedback on the rural health issues. It is great to know that there are so many concerned with improving the health of rural and farming families and communities. I will endeavour to put all of your ideas into a practical session that you all can benefit from.

This month’s article is on MOTIVATION. Without it none of the other components of health can be totally achieved. You cannot create new habits or focus on exercise and better nutrition without being motivated to it. I base motivation on a Principle that I have developed called FEAR.


– The importance phase of reaching a point where mentally, you are so driven and committed to making changes. Where you are so pumped, angry, excited, determined that a change in your current life needs to be made.


– So often we make an attempt to make changes without gaining the right information in assisting you create new habits or decisions. We look for the quick fix or a simpler alternative when we know that we need the factual information to make those changes permanent.


- Without doing something about the changes we stay as we are. We talk it up and think often about it but don’t truly take action. We need to plan what action needs to be done and then DO IT.


– Who holds you responsible when you attempt to make changes in your life. Are you strong enough to ensure you have balance when it comes to getting educated or taking action. If not we really need to determine is going to assist you best in ensuring real accountability.


This of course is just a summary of my principle and this principle can be applied to any facet of your life not just health. Take a moment to factor in where you are on the FEAR factors.


To have Rod conduct FEAR seminars with you and or your organisation you can contact him on 0439845513 or send an email

Life is all about Good Food and Great Attitude.

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