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Best Practice Health

Posted by Bestprac on Oct 14 2009


Step 1:  Your Health Check

Rod Fardell, Body Options

Rod Fardell is a personal trainer, motivator and speaker. He has worked with a number of the Vanguard Bestprac groups in NSW speaking about personal health, well being, diet and appropriate exercise. Rod has developed an exercise regime for rural people, practical activities you can do at home to build your fitness base. This is the first of four articles on your most important asset….your health.
Mark Gardner, Vanguard Business Services, Dubbo

I am passionate about improving the health of all individuals especially assisting rural people. I truly believe you really have nothing unless you have good health. Let’s think about that for a second because the things we normally take for granted are the things we fail to truly work on. The wonderful rural environment in which you work, your family and most importantly you and Your Health. This is about you being totally driven about doing something to improve your health each day.

Health is made up 3 basic components:

  • Motivation
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

While you are thinking about health, how long is it since you have had a full health check? You should get a health check every 12 months over the age of 35. These are invaluable as they are great indicators of exactly how your health is going. Some basic checks that your Doctor or Health Professional should perform are:

  • Blood Pressure 
  • Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Men (Prostate)

If you treat your body the way you would treat a brand new tractor or vehicle then I am sure you would make sure to service it correctly at the right time, give it the right fuel all of the time to get the greatest performance to maximise its use and your capital investment.


This is never really factored in until you get a health problem and sometimes by then it can be a little too late. So your first task is to start with the basic tests above to see how your body is functioning.

The next article will focus on step 2; Motivation.

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Coonamble Bestprac members get active

Natasha Morley, Rural Directions Pty Ltd

Many graziers such as Anne Mackay live a fair distance from a town where a gym or fitness program operates. As a consequence it’s hard to be able to work on their general fitness, flexibility and strength. Rod Fardell’s (Body Options, Dubbo) remote fitness program is specifically designed for graziers who can’t get to a town with a gym or fitness program. It consists of a DVD outlining his program, and some light exercise equipment that can be used on property. This program removes some of the barriers to good health and fitness. Anne and Ron Mackay run a merino, cattle and cropping business near Coonamble, NSW and are part of a group of 6 Coonamble graziers who have taken up the program in 2008 and 2009.

Read more about Anne and Ron Mackays innovation

‘Remote Personal Exercise Program’

. This innovation is from the People Innovations category, and is one of 120 innovations which appear in the Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual which is

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