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Bestprac Group Snapshots from around the Country

Posted by Bestprac on Feb 07 2010

Group reports for 2009 activities provided by group facilitators Chelsea Muster, Sally Ware and Jane Garrett.

The NEED/Yunta Bestprac Group

Wow! When we reflect on 2009 for Bestprac, what a year it has been! Fantastic road trips, presentations, group meetings and the culmination of the Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual…just a few activities come to mind! And that is without mentioning the weather!

The NEED and Yunta Bestprac Group has definitely been busy throughout 2009, with lots of activities and events. Highlights over the 12 months include the ‘Road Trips’ within South Australia and New South Wales, and the collection of some fantastic innovations along the way. All group members thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with innovative pastoral producers all over the state and be introduced to some new and exciting production systems (the wine was enjoyed too!).

The focus for the past 12 months has been ‘innovation’ and the funding that has been received through Caring For Our Country has been greatly appreciated. With ‘innovation’ as the focus, the group has explored various techniques, processes and systems that could enhance their current production and management systems.

Funding allowed for a presentation from the Australian Farm Institute early in year on the possible opportunities that are available through Carbon Trading, and the impact that the Emissions Trading Scheme could have on pastoral production. It was great to hear first hand the facts and fictions of the ETS, and we have now been able to better understand the ‘jargon’ in the media since.

Benchmarking was again undertaken this year, with production benchmarking also introduced for some businesses. The group is working on exploring useful production benchmarks and developing a suite of benchmarks that are applicable to pastoral businesses.

The year will wrap up in early December for the group, with a presentation from Steve Radeski, Agribusiness Manager (SA and NT) for the ANZ bank. We will also use this session to plan for 2010 and highlight any opportunities that will be available for Bestprac.

As for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with the group, and the chance to get out ‘on farm’ and document first hand the magnificent innovations that are occurring has been an experience that I will never forget! I would like to thank each and every group member for their commitment to Bestprac, for openly discussing the issues of their businesses, and sharing in the great times and laughs. Although distance is sometimes large in the bush, the network that has been created through Bestprac is a valuable support mechanism and we realise that we the issues the businesses are facing are not isolated. We look forward to a prosperous 2010 for your businesses and Bestprac.

Merry Christmas!
Chelsea Muster

Wilcannia Bestprac Group

The Wilcannia Bestprac Group met for their annual meeting at Garry Hannigan's property, Churinga Station on Tuesday, October 27. Garry and his partner Tracy Maddern were wonderful hosts providing a great venue for the meeting. Jim Symon from McMichael & Associates presented a business analysis report on member's properties to the Group which provided much comment and discussion and lead into discussion on future opportunities for each business. Overall, the meeting was an extremely valuable planning exercise that highlighted some interesting opportunities for both individual members and for the Group as a whole.

Sally Ware

WA Bestprac Group

The WA group completed 8 innovation reports for the Innovation Manual and given that the group has only 6 members that was a pretty good effort. We’ve run 2 meetings since I took over the group, one at the Overlander which was my introduction to the group where we talked through the Innovations and planned the WA Roadtrip. This was followed by a game of tennis for the energetic amongst us and BBQ. Our second meeting was held at Carbla Station. There was a presentation from Luke Bailey and a discussion on farm innovations followed by a chance for the boys to ‘kick tyres’ around the station. Our road trip took us to Cheela Plains where we met Robin Pensini and saw first hand the ‘state of the art’ implemented rotational grazing which has led to the recovery of the land.

In 2010 our Climate Change forum will be held on 10th May at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort for which we have, so far, secured the services of Charles Crouch; Principal Economist from DEC’s Climate Change Office who will speak about carbon credit trading and Ian Foster from the Department of Agriculture who will talk about the predicted weather pattern changes for the rangelands. Keynote presentation will be given by Prof Lyn Beazley; Chief Scientist of Western Australia. We will hold another meeting on climate change sometime during the first quarter of 2010 probably at the Overlander as this the most central location for all members of the group but still represents a drive in excess of 100kms for most group members!

Jane Garrett

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