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Posted by Bestprac on Nov 14 2013

Often producers are kept busy doing the day to day farm jobs, that there is little time left to plan for the future. However, Bestprac’s newest Innovation Case Study shows the value of spending time setting clear goals. These should be both long and short term goals, with a determined path for achieving them.

This case study features James and Manny Walker from QLD.

Download case study here

This documents the journey that James and Manny Walker from Longreach QLD, took after they making the decision to grow their business. They knew they would need support, and sought out specialist business planning expert and mentor, Andrew Roberts, to help them map and plan for the future.

James said “I wanted some higher performance in our business. I approached city-based friends and colleagues to see what they were doing.  The commonality was that they were all using business mentors and coaches and I thought ‘great idea lets engage them with agriculture’.”

Andrew provided James and Manny with steps to implement a strategic plan. These include prioritising personal and business goals, looking at long term goals, and then focusing on shorter term milestones to achieve the overall goal.

Since engaging Andrew, James has changed the way he carries out his day- to- day operations. James now prioritises tasks comprehensively and strictly according to those which will most contribute towards longer term goals.

The principles of business planning are shared in this case study, and can be applied to all pastoral producers businesses.

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