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Carbon Farming Initiative & the Carbon Tax

Posted by Bestprac on Jan 23 2012

With the Federal Government’s carbon legislation now passed, many wool growers may be wondering what impact the Carbon Tax will have on their existing operations, or how they can take part in a carbon economy.

To examine the impact of a carbon price on the future profitability of wool growing, AWI funded financial modelling of two model sheep farms in each of the pastoral, sheep/wheat and high rainfall zones.

The results show that farm cash income will fall under the Carbon Tax, due to increasing input costs.

To remain viable following the introduction of the Carbon Tax, woolgrowers will need to continue to lift on-farm productivity.

View or download the full report or an 8-page summary at Or order a FREE hard copy of the 8-page summary The Carbon Farming Initiative - opportunities and implications for the Australian wool industry by calling the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099.


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