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Climate Change in the Australian Pastoral Zone

Posted by Bestprac on Dec 07 2009

- the impacts, issues and tools available


Climate Change’ is terminology commonly used today, but what are the supposed implications of Climate Change for rangelands producers and what tools and technologies are available to help producers adapt to a changing climate?

A new report recently released by the Bestprac network has identified the current impact climate change is having on pastoral producers and the tools and technologies available to help producers adapt to an ever changing climate.

Bestprac has received funding through FarmReady to undertake the project ‘Implementing new practices to manage climate change variability in the Australian Pastoral Zone’. As part of this project, facilitators have compiled state based issues papers that

  • Analyse the current tools available to pastoral producers in each state
  • Identifies the current gaps in the information available
  • Provides direction for the future training needs for pastoral producers in regards to adapting to climate change

There is much discussion as to if climate change is real or if the current changes in weather patterns and the drought experienced is an effect of cyclical patterns. Regardless of the opinion of individuals, it is evident that a sound risk management strategy needs to be implemented by producers to ensure the impacts of the changing climate are minimised to reduce negative effects, or capitalised on to capture opportunities.

The research has found that Queensland and New South Wales appear to be the two states that have most actively embraced the need to equip producers with the necessary tools and processes and engage them in the climate change debate. Apart from the FarmReady program, there are few tools in Western Australia and South Australia that are focused at helping producers to adapt their businesses to the changing climate.

A lot of resources, both sate and federal based are currently being applied to research in the field of the expected changes in climatic conditions. This research is being undertaken by state and federal departments, as well as industry bodies. What appears to be lacking is the application of this research into practical outcomes for producers.

To read the abstract of the paper, click here

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