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Posted by Bestprac on Jan 18 2012

Bestprac has received funding through the FarmReady program to undertake the project

‘Implementing new practices to manage climate change variability in the Australian Pastoral zone’


This project involves a series of research processes and events to achieve the following objectives:

  • Determine current level of knowledge, training needs, barriers to implementing practice change, current management techniques, producer perceptions of climate change and its impact locally, regionally and on the industry
  • Research and compile current climate change research, information and tools relating specifically to the pastoral zone in SA, NSW, QLD and WA
  • Inform pastoral producers of the best options available and the strategies others have implemented so they have knowledge to assist in effectively managing climate change
  • To direct future training opportunities for climate change in the pastoral zoneProducers are exposed to various tools and methodologies to help them improve their business performance and grazing techniques.

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under the FarmReady initiative, part of Australia’s Farming Future. 

Issues Paper - 2009

This paper includes 4 state based papers that analyse the current tools available to pastoral producers in each state. It identifies any current gaps in the information available, and provides direction for the future training needs for pastoral producers in regards to adapting to climate change. It identifies the trends in the current environment between states and the future training needs required, at a national and state level to ensure producers are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to continue farming in their current environment.

Download ABSTRACT of Issues Paper

Best practice case studies and climate change management strategies, and future climate change training needs for the Australian Pastoral zone - 2010 

This report focuses on a number of strategies that are being implemented by producers to adapt to climate change in the Australian pastoral zone. The supporting case studies provide real examples of the ways that a number of businesses have changed in response to drought and climate issues. The report also determines current barriers to the adoption of strategies and possible training and support that could be provided to help overcome these barriers.

Download Full Report

Abstract of report

Download individual Case Studies that are featured in this report:


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