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Closing the gap between average and top sheep producers

Posted by Bestprac on May 07 2010

"Making More From Sheep" Program- co-owned by  Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)

The variation in gross margin between the nation’s leading 20% of sheep producers and average performing producers can be as high as 100%, but average producers now have the opportunity to make more from their sheep.

To help producers develop higher performing enterprises, the second phase of Making More From Sheep (MMFS) will be rolled out this year, focusing on delivering tailored information to help producers achieve management practice change.

The flagship industry program Making More From Sheep has just received funding for the next three years by co-owners – Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

MLA’s Research Adoption Manager – Sheep, Richard Apps said management is the key difference between average and high performing sheep enterprises.

“The MMFS program has been running very successfully for the past two years providing Australian lamb and wool producers with a best practice package of information and management tools to assist them achieve profitable and sustainable sheep production,” said Mr Apps.

A joint initiative between MLA and AWI, a key focus of the second phase of MMFS will be on addressing regionally-specific needs of lamb, sheepmeat and wool producers. The modules aim to boost producers’ skills and confidence to adopt new techniques and better on-farm management practices to improve productivity, profitability and resilience in their sheep enterprises.

“There are a variety of areas that lead to improved productivity and profitability. The Making More From Sheep modules focus on: weaning more lambs from improved ewe preparation and joining strategies; gaining from genetics; and turning pasture into product by matching feed supply to animal demand,” Mr Apps said.

“We’ll be focusing less on program awareness and more on tailoring information for producers in the style of workshops, forums and mentoring and coaching activities. During the next phase we’re looking for more producers to literally make more from sheep.

“The beauty of the MMFS program is that it has the flexibility to be tailored in any way to meet producers’ needs. It’s a personalised process of getting producers to adopt new strategies and we’re looking to help more people transition to better management techniques.”

Mr Apps said producers should check the MMFS website for the latest program updates including upgraded modules, state co-ordinator contact details and news of workshops, forums and other learning opportunities.

*Holmes Sackett, Victoria Department of Primary Industries South West Monitor Farm project 2007/08

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