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Community Wild Dog Control applications open

Posted by Bestprac on May 01 2013

Australian Wool Innovation

Applications are now being sought for the next Wild Dog Control program from Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

Stage one achieved control methods across 1.3 million square kilometres of country in every mainland state of Australia through almost 50 wild dog control groups.

Wild dogs are a menace for producersThe survey results of 259 participants revealed how:
• 41pc intend to reintroduce sheep.
• 71pc noticed an increase in native animals.
• 68pc intend to increase sheep numbers.
• 94pc reported better wellbeing as a result of participating.
Given these results, the AWI Board has endorsed the investment of a million dollars as part of the Community Wild Dog Control Initiative with both new and existing control groups encouraged to apply for funding.

Existing wild dog groups have been assisted in various ways, from purchasing refrigeration to keep fresh meat for baiting through to assistance with wild doggers and aerial baiting programs.

Groups are encouraged to assess their situation strategically and co-ordinate their action plan with other community groups such as Landcare for the benefit of various stakeholders. AWI is keen to assist groups develop long term solutions.

Head of on farm research and development at AWI, Dr Jane Littlejohn said wild dogs are the single biggest factor holding back wool production in Australia.

“The latest research has shown how large and widespread the will dog problem is in Australia. The pastoral zone of Australia has been home to some of Australia’s largest sheep flocks but is in serious danger from wild dog attacks. Almost every alpine region also faces a similar problem and this is why AWI has committed vital resources to help communities protect their flocks.”

In south-western Queensland, Peter Lucas of the Paroo Wild Dog Advisory Committee was involved with stage one of the program.

“Wild dogs are an issue in all regions of Queensland. The AWI funding has been a great help and for us and has been used for baiting and some trapping. In this shire we have been able to keep numbers relatively low and this funding has helped us cover and protect more country.”

Peter Star of the Talgarno Wises Creek Landcare Group in northern Victoria has had a similar experience.

“Given economic conditions, the AWI funding has been a blessing. It has gone towards community baiting programs in this region with a marked decrease in wild dog attacks.”

To apply, groups should download and complete the application form and submit here with a project budget and map.

For more information, contact:

Marius Cuming
Manager Corporate Communications
Mobile: +61 400 305 716 

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