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Decision Making in All Seasons:

Posted by Bestprac on Aug 29 2013

Bestprac, Agencies and Businesses join forces for Collerrina farming community
Report by Mark Gardner, Vanguard Business Services

Bestprac and other sponsors brought together a range of government agencies and industry in Collerrina, some 30km NW of Tottenham in NSW, recently to talk to the community about everything from grazing management and native pastures, animal post mortem, animal nutrition and mental health.

The information day was held at the Collerrina Hall on Tuesday 23rd July. It brought together the skills and expertise of a variety of speakers with the aim of looking at “Decision Making in all Seasons”.

Mark Gardner from Vanguard,
 and also a Bestprac facilitator,
 was the first speaker and spoke on Business Management,
 followed by Grazing Management.Twenty locals and others from as far as Cudal and Walgett came to listen to the speakers, ask questions and discuss the issues.

While outside the hall was freezing, the participants enjoyed the discussions and presentations throughout the day. Speaker from Vanguard and Bestprac facilitator, Mark Gardner, said, “The weather outside was freezing, but inside the hall we had a good group of people who were really interested in the wide range of topics that were presented, and asked plenty of good questions to keep the speakers on their toes. It was great to be able to run the day in an area that probably doesn’t traditionally get many of these sort of days”.

Together Vanguard Business Services, the Livestock, Health and Pest Authority (LHPA), Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Central West Catchment Management Authority (CMA), Rabobank and Ag n Vet gave landholders advice and information to help them manage their land, finances and health. Bestprac was a sponsor of the day.

Some of the important “take home messages” from the day were the nine key business management principles for Grazing Businesses, presented by Mark Gardner from Vanguard (and also Bestprac facilitator pictured presenting above):

Principle 1: Minimise stress

Principle 2: Plan…… conservatively

Principle 3: Identify and then always maintain the “engine room” of the business.

Principle 4: Use the tool of plant recovery (rest) for as long as possible over as much land as possible

Principle 5: Manage for Health: People, landscape, animals, financial….so that things can bounce back quickly (resilience)

Principle 6:  Have an agreed short and long term goal/context

Principle 7:  GROW your way through the challenge (GOAL, REALITY, OPTIONS, WRITE it down)

Principle 8:  Stay in control, be proactive and avoid “least worst options” as much as you can

Principle 9: Be optimistic

Key organising partner, Central West CMA Officer Libby McIntyre, was pleased with the community numbers and the variety of information that speakers provided and the discussion and interest generated by landholders during the day.  The Collerrina ladies provided an array of excellent food to keep the attendees well fed.

“The day was another great opportunity for DPI, the LHPA, the Central West CMA, health and industry to work together to for the benefit of landholders,” she said.

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