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Draft National Wild Dog Action Plan nearing release

Posted by Bestprac on Jul 01 2013

By Liz Guerin
In August of this year, the draft National Wild Dog Action Plan will be released for public consultation, after six months of project work initiated by WoolProducers Australia. 

Wild Dogs: An escalating problem requiring a National responseWild dogs are recognised as one of the biggest threats to grazing industries, costing millions of dollars annually, however, CEO of WoolProducers Australia, Jane Brownbill said that whilst management of wild dogs was taking place at state and regional levels, there was still a need for the issue to be recognised nationally by all forms of government and industry bodies.

“In order to address not only the huge financial losses from wild dogs, but also the uncosted personal impact to producers, damage to regional economies, animal welfare issues and disease threat we need the Federal Government focussed on this as a real issue that is affecting our industry,” Ms Brownbill said. “The action plan will be the document that formally recognises this issue and provides the framework by which all stakeholders can coordinate their activities to achieve management outcomes.”

The National Wild Dog Action Plan Development project is an industry initiative which brings together, as a steering committee, key stakeholder groups, including the Vertebrate Pests Committee, National Wild Dog Management Advisory Group, government and peak industry grazing organisations.

National Wild Dog Facilitator, Greg Mifsud, says that a key benefit of having all the stakeholders at the one table is improved coordination and promotion of best practice standards.

“We see varying State and regional approaches but the development of the Action Plan gives more impetus to co-operative management and makes the escalating problem of wild dogs recognised at a federal level,” he said.

Since the Steering Committee’s formation, in February, it has consulted with various industry stakeholders, notified all relevant Federal, State and Territory MPs of the plan development, undertaken an in-depth Situation Analysis and developed the draft National Action Plan.

Project Consultant, Michele Jackson, said that these actions have contributed to providing a multifaceted approach to wild dog control, including economic, social, environment and animal welfare issues, and one which will give key stakeholders ownership and responsibility for wild dog control and management.

“Throughout the writing phase, responsibilities and actions have been negotiated and incorporated into the action plan. As part of this co-operative approach, we want this to be a working plan that will be adopted and utilised to deliver on ground actions rather than just sit on someone’s shelf,” Ms Jackson said.

“Peak industry bodies are already clearly committed to action on wild dog control, so once the plan is launched it will become the framework by which these industry groups can develop strategies on wild dog management. They will then become drivers in the delivery of the action plan, through supporting community wild dog management programmes, training and supporting ongoing research.”

The draft plan will be available for a 60 day public consultation period from August and, following collation of feedback from the draft, it will go back to the steering committee to consider any issues and make any amendments or changes before launch of the National Action Plan in March 2014.

Producers looking for more information regarding the National Wild Dog Action Plan can find it here.


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