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Ecosystem Management Understanding (EMU)™

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 06 2013
By Pene Keynes
Ecosystem Management Understanding (EMU)™ was discussed at the Hawker 'Looking Beyond the Horizon Forum.' Janet Walton, a Natural Resources Management Officer with Natural Resources SA Arid Lands, has been enhancing the pastoral land management of 17 pastoral properties through the EMU™ project.

This project bridges the gap between the producer’s local knowledge and scientific expertise, to help manage the country sustainably. Janet does this by focusing on landscape function to identify key critical intervention areas.

Janet demonstrated the process that aims to ‘shift land managers’ focus from trying to resurrect dysfunctional landscapes, to instead identify key problems that are jeopardizing their most productive and healthy country.’

Janet attributes the success of the EMU™ project to the fact that it is driven by the land manager and is a holistic approach to sustainable land management. See Janet's PowerPoint presentation here


To find out more about this program contact via email either Janet or EMU™ Director Hugh Pringle.

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