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Exotic Sheep Breed Management in the Rangelands

Posted by Bestprac on Jan 16 2012

These guidelines have been formed as a result of the Envirofund/PIRD funded project ‘improving hardy sheep containment in the rangelands’. They are to be used as guidelines only for Best Practice Management.


The Guidelines for Best Management Practice of Exotic Sheep Breed Management in the Rangelands is now available on the Bestprac website.

The guidelines, developed as a result of the PIRD and Envirofund project in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, outline to producers the various considerations required when developing an exotic sheep breed enterprise under pastoral conditions.

The project included two properties trialing various electric fencing techniques over a 12 month period and determining the most successful containment methods. During this period, natural resources were also monitored closely to gain insights into the grazing habits of the sheep.

The following management tips have resulted from the project:

  1. Long term stocking rates should be reduced below a Merino stocking rate
  2. Develop a planned approach to containment
  3. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of Food On Offer is essential
  4. If using electric fencing, continued monitoring and maintenance of the electric fencing is required to ensure it is in constant working order
  5. Achieving ‘pure breed’ status is an important factor in achieving containment, operational efficiency and economic profitability.


Guidelines Available Here

Final Report Available Here

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