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Free "Pick of the Draft" DVD on Clip Preparation

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 15 2009

By Mary Goodacre, AWI

Woolgrowers could literally save themselves thousands of dollars by taking simple steps to improve their pre-sale clip preparation.

Later this month, AWI, in association with AWEX, will launch "Pick of the Draft", a DVD that demonstrates how simple measures in 10 key areas can result in a quality clip that attracts a better sale price.

Five woolgrowers show how they've successfully addressed one or more of these factors contributing to the quality of their wool clip and the profitability benefits. Their experiences are backed up by interviews with shearing contractors, woolclassers, wool brokers, processors and buyers.

The DVD explores the key profit drivers and more - and includes other suggestions for improving profitability. The DVD will be free to Australian woolgrowers on request. Register your interest in receiving the Pick of the Draft DVD by calling the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099.


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