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Grow Algae: Mitigate Greenhouse Emissions and Produce Food for your Livestock

Posted by Bestprac on Jan 17 2012

Helen Scott, Founder CO2 Algae
Presentation at Climate Forum WA, May 2010

CO2 Algae

Who we are…….
Biomass production systems for :

  • High protein animal feedstock
  • Aquaculture feed stock
  • Soil improver (fertiliser, mulch)
  • Waste remediation
  • Waste water use
  • Animal waste (e.g. pig slurry; chicken effluent)
  • CO2 reduction - flue gasses, industrial processes etc.
  • NOx and SOX reduction - power stations

To find out more:
Presentation from this session - part a
Presentation from this session - part b

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