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Hay Wool Seminar a Success

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 06 2013

By Sally Ware, NSW DPI, Hay

With nearly 70 final year, agriculture focused, Sydney and Charles Sturt University students in town, the Wool Seminar held at Shear Outback in Hay was always going to be a success.

However, the thirty odd landholders that also turned up to support the local event ensured that all seats were filled and that it was standing room only in the Shear Outback woolshed.

Experienced western division NSW DPI Veterinary Officer,
 Greg Curran,
 speaking to the audience at the Wool Seminar held at Shear Outback in Hay.Funded by the Australian Wool Education Trust and organised by Peter Wynn, from Charles Sturt University, and Russell Bush, from Sydney University, in conjunction with Sally Ware, from NSW DPI in Hay, the aim of the day was to discuss some of the issues facing local woolgrowers who are aiming to run productive Merinos on their properties. 

The speakers on the day included Duncan Fraser, who told the audience about his personal journey from starting as a young Hay woolgrower who joined his State farming organisation to learn about the wide comb dispute to becoming interested in industrial issues to finally reaching the highest agri-political position in the country. 

As Duncan raced out the door, to drive to Griffith to catch yet another plane to Sydney, the next speaker, Greg Curran, the NSW DPI Regional Veterinary Officer based at Broken Hill, told the audience about the enormous amount of work that is yet to be done on sheep body temperatures and viruses, such as West Nile and Kunjin, that may cause some of the low fertility issues in western Merino ewes. 

Greg’s talk prompted one of the students in the audience to come forward and explain that her research work will also include work on Kunjin, resulting in a potential future collaboration between a western division vet and a Charles Sturt PhD student.  T

he third speaker, local landholder Jim Crossley, outlined how by continuously wetting and drying ewes at lambmarking, over the last 25 years, and ruthlessly culling “any” ewe that does not rear a lamb, irrespective of seasonal conditions, the Tom’s Lake flock now has an average lamb marking percentage of 125%. 

The fourth speaker was Magnus Aitken, Manager of the Paraway property, “Steam Plains” at Conargo, who discussed his annual management routine which included shearing 30 000 sheep every six months in their new state of the art shearing shed.

The final speaker was Paul Swan, Group Manager from AWI, who demonstrated to the audience the future direction for wool textile fabric research, including mentioning the launch of the new “pink” woolmark logo for woollen baby warewear.

An offer of sponsorship on the day will hopefully come to fruition and mean that Hay will potentially host another wool seminar and final year, agriculture student visit in 2014.  For further details on the day, contact Sally Ware on mobile 0429307627.

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