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Holistic Management: Thinking About the WHOLE System

Posted by Bestprac on Jan 15 2009

By Chelsea Muster, Rural Directions Pty Ltd

The Mosely Family, based at Cobar, NSW, have adopted the holistic management principles to their business, working on balancing social, environmental and economic outcomes, both now and for future generations.

A truly inspirational speaker, Megan Mosely motivated the audience at the 2008 National Bestprac Forum on the changes that have been made to their 70,000 acre grazing property. Megan and her husband Andrew, noticed the need for change once returning to the family property. Although dedicated wool growers, the decision was made that growing wool was no longer a viable option for this business. As such, the enterprise focus has changed to fleece shedding sheep, goats and cattle, or as Megan describes, grass/scrub harvesters and animal impact.

After attending a Holistic Management and Grazing for Profit course, Megan and Andrew set goals for their property, business and family life. The Mosely Family Holistic goal was created and reads ‘To ensure our decisions are ecologically sound, socially responsible and economically viable'.

Since setting these priorities, changing enterprise mix and looking at the system as a whole, Megan and Andrew have been able to notice significant change within their pastoral enterprise. They now believe they are grazing more sustainably, and using the animals' habits to better the environment. Megan describes that they are able to make these changes by:

• Being open to new ideas
• Combining pasture cropping and planned grazing
• Using a grazing chart to plan recovery periods
• Running animals in one mob
• Using low input farming and making the use of animal impact
• Keeping the ground covered.

Megan summarized their holistic management techniques by highlighting the key points to their success which include:

• Working together as a family
• Mimic nature
• Holistic Management and Grazing For Profit training
• Planned grazing and pasture cropping
• Innovation and observation
• Keep it simple and low cost
• Take time to plan (people, land and profit)
• Always be prepared to try new things.

For more information on Andrew and Megan Mosely, visit their website,

and for the Holistic Management course,


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