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Innovation Corner - Bore Pulling Winch

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 15 2009

By Brian and Margie Rowe, Carrieton Bestprac Group


Brian and Margie Rowe of Wolhalla Station near Hawker South Australia have developed an innovative bore pulling winch. The Rowe's, who are part of the Carrieton Bestprac group, developed the winch to improve safety, increase work efficiency and reduce stress.

The vehicle is backed up to the windmill and the tow hitch is removed from vehicle. The winch is connected into the slot. The winch is mounted onto a square piece of flat plate with a piece of tubing welded to it that slides into the hitch. The electric winch is connected to a battery and operated with a hand switch.

Two snatch blocks are required to pull pipes out of the bore (one at the top of the mill and one at the bottom).

There are a number of key benefits of the innovation including:

• Less time to pull the bore
• Easier physically
• Reduces stress
• Environmentally friendly as there is no running down vegetation
• Improvement in Occupational Health and Safety

The system could also be used to load wool, pulling other vehicles out of a bog and winching animals.

When using the system there are some key issues or risks to consider:

• You should ensure you block the vehicle.


• Ensure the vehicle is square to the windmill.


• The manufacturer has stated that there is no guarantee when using the winch to let weights down. However, the winch has worked successfully under these conditions.

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