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Posted by Bestprac on Nov 14 2010

Innovation 1 - Prevent shedding sheep from damaging fencing. 
Innovation 2 - Keeping troughs clean. 
Innovation 3 - Atlex stockyards.


Innovation #1

This innovation was submitted via the Bestprac website and comes from Hugh Bygott of Para Wirra Dorpers.

Hugh says this innovation is designed “to prevent shedding sheep from damaging fencing”.
This innovation is designed to prevent shedding sheep from damaging fencingIt is “made up from ‘scrap’ bits and pieces, with slopping crossbar and belly rubber; this encourages sheep to leave fences alone, and is a neighbourly innovation.”

If you would like to submit a picture of an innovation from your property (along with a brief description), please email them to – we’d love to share your innovations.

Innovation #2

Over the last couple of years we have sunk a new artesian bore and piped it to about 90 new watering points - so troughs are all a bit new to us!

Stuart Mitchell, Bollon, QldInitially some troughs turned green and algae stuck to the sides of the trough and made them hard to clean. I know a lot of people use commercial trough blocks to help overcome this, but we have put a piece of copper pipe about 1 metre long in the bottom of each trough and it seems to do as good a job as the trough blocks.

It doesn’t stop the troughs going green altogether but they seem to stay cleaner and the algae and other "crud" doesn’t stick to the sides of the trough, it settles on the bottom and flushes out of the trough with the water when you clean it.

Stuart Mitchell, Bollon, Qld

Innovation #3

Atlex Stockyards - Stockyard On-property Design Service with Robotic Total Station Survey Equipment

Property Name: Pine View
Property Location: Wellington
Size of property: 800 ha
Managers/Owners: Wuuluman Pty Ltd, George & Chad Taylor
Brief enterprise description: Mumblebone Merino Stud

The innovation is a:
New process
The Innovation: Increases productivity and increases efficiency

How the innovation works

  • The Robotic Total Base Station (RTS) surveying equipment is used to survey the initial stockyard site to identify the exact positioning of any existing features e.g. fence lines, roads, feed bunks, trees, buildings, water, air and power services etc.
  • The survey data is merged into an AutoCAD, then the new yard design is laid over the survey with exact precision.
  • The design is then put back into the RTS survey equipment to stake out the exact post positioning of all structures with millimetre precision for construction.

Key features

  • Millimeter accurate survey & stake out data
  • Ability to see the existing site setup (survey) overlaid with proposed new stockyard design

Key benefits

  • Quicker & easier site surveying and stake out
  • Millimeter accurate survey & stake out data which makes construction quicker and easier
  • Ability to see the existing site setup (survey) overlaid with proposed new stockyard design
  • A complete, accurate, computer aided two dimensional design drawn to scale which gives you flexibility for quick editing to assess many different design options.
  • This service can be used not only for new yard design but also for renovations of existing yard designs and planning for future services within an operation.

"The accuracy of the layout was very high making construction simple. The efficient use of space in this design saved the need for a more elaborate and more expensive yard design. The stock flow is excellent. The first job in the new yards was to scan 1800 ewes. We did this in 3hrs without any problems. I’m looking forward to the next job", Chad Taylor - Mumblebone Merino Stud – Wellington NSW.

For more information visit or contact Ian Crafter at Atlex Stockyards on 02 6888 5004.

Atlex Stockyards is a gold sponsor of the Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual. To order the Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual click here.

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