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Innovative Crutching System Will Cut Your Costs

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 15 2009

By Wayne Perkins, Perkinz Managing Director

The "CrutchMaster" is a simple effective solution for crutching and comes either as a stationery or mobile unit, from one to three stands.

Sheep walk up a ramp onto the machine and are tipped out onto the crutching platform. The animal is restrained at the neck and, optionally at the hind legs, allowing access to all the parts of the sheep that need crutching, including the belly and eye wigs.

Up until now, the price of the systems has meant that the CrutchMaster has really only been sold to contractors but with a recent restructure in the Perkinz company that has resulted in them combining with an engineering firm, the CrutchMaster now sits in a price bracket that makes it very affordable to growers.

Perkinz Managing Director, Wayne Perkins, say's that "the payback on the system can be calculated in months, not years, depending on your sheep numbers."
A single stand stationary model (which includes adjustable in-feed race, Sheep Decoy, anti backing SheepFlow's, shearing plant mount and automatic on/off handpiece switch) will cost you $5,995+GST. A fantastic affordable solution to cut not only wool and dags but also your costs.

You can see videos of the CrutchMaster working and get more information at

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