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Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre

Posted by Bestprac on Feb 02 2012

The Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre: Australia’s largest integrated invasive animal research program.

The Invasive Animals CRC creates new technologies and integrated strategies to reduce the impact of invasive animals on Australia’s economy, environment, and people. They concentrate on developing smarter tools to prevent and detect new invasions, advanced and tactical tools to strengthen integrated management strategies of carp and other pest fish, and new tools and integrated management strategies for major pests including foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rats and mice, cane toads, feral cats and rabbits.

Operating your business in a pastoral environment means you are often dealing with some of these pests. The Invasive Animal CRC publishes a newsletter with information about their latest research and innovations. To subscribe, follow this link.

Other resources relating to pests:

Many vertebrate pest species are found throughout Australia and New Zealand. Feral animals threaten our rich biodiversity, adversely affect our landscapes and waterways, and have severe economic and social impacts.

This website and database contains information on vertebrate pest animal species in Australia and New Zealand. Browse the site for general information or use the search function for more specific results.

Currently focusing on - RabbitScan and FoxScan

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