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Launch of Livestock Biosecurity Network

Posted by Bestprac on Oct 02 2013

A new Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN) is being rolled out in all states and territories to encourage farmers and farming organisations to be prepared for possible exotic disease incursions and the risks to Australia’s multi-billion dollar livestock industry.

The new network is the brainchild of Australia’s three peak farming industry organisations: Cattle Council of Australia, Sheepmeat Council of Australia and WoolProducers Australia, which have pooled $5 million to fund the LBN after three years of intensive planning.

LBN’s National Manager Warren Clark today announced the appointment of Regional Biosecurity Officers in Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and NSW, and said Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory would be next.

"They will be co-located with farming organisations and our first job will be to engage straight away with state-wide biosecurity networks, farmers, farming organisations and state government agencies,” Mr Clark said.

“Our focus is on animal health, welfare and biosecurity. We will hit the ground running to help ensure the livestock industry is prepared for and understands the role we all must play in surveillance, detection, reporting and acceptance in the event of exotic disease incursions or the spread of endemic diseases.”

The LBN officers would work closely with key livestock industry ‘influencers’ to increase the end user’s understanding of animal welfare issues, biosecurity, emergency animal disease responses and disease surveillance. 

"They will also promote active detection and reporting to increase Australia’s preparedness for an exotic disease incursion," Mr Clark said.

“Biosecurity is the about the management of risk – risk to the farming economy, the environment and the community, and the threat of pests and diseases entering, emerging, establishing or spreading.

“Australia’s geographic isolation means that we have relatively few of the diseases that affect agricultural industries overseas.

“But this does not mean we can afford to be complacent as an outbreak of an exotic disease has the potential to cost the livestock industry billions of dollars.”

Regional Biosecurity Officers

Sarah-Jane Wilson
0437 725 877

Jess Coad
0488 400 209

Western Australia
Megan Harrod
0488 100 426

New South Wales
Alice Mabin
0488 400 207

Last changed: Oct 03 2013



SC & P Barkla - Owner - Rangeland Property By Stuart & Pru Barkla on Oct 08 2013
Stuart & I look forward to hearing from Sarah Jane Wilson re-Livestock Biosecurity - feral pigs and the spread of disease - especially if/when an outbreak of foot & mouth arises in Australia.

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