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Leading Sheep QLD Webinar recordings available

Posted by Bestprac on Dec 05 2013

Leading Sheep QLD regularly run webinars on subjects for Pastoral Zone wool producers. These recordings are available by following our links below.

Controlling your feral pigs

In this Webinar Jason Wishart from Invasive Animals CRC speaks about:
• What control methods are available to producers for controlling pigs
• Which control methods work the best in Qld
• History, biology and general behavior of pigs
• The latest research being conducted by the Invasive Animals CRC
• New technologies that are on the market or coming onto the market
• HogHopper, PIGOUT and products under development
• Progress of large scale management projects

Jason has been a field officer with IACRC for 6 years and during this time his focus has largely been feral pig research, either into product development or ecology and management.

Watch the webinar recording here

AuctionsPlus Wool Webinar

Tony Benson from AuctionsPlus and Wool Trade speaks about how the online selling systems operate and some of the features.

Key points that are addressed in the webinar include:
• Overview of AuctionsPlus Wool
• Wool Trade and AuctionsPlus Wool
• How to use AuctionsPlus Wool to market your wool
• How often wool is offered on AuctionsPlus
• Costs and results from AuctionsPlus Wool

Watch the webinar recording here


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