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Market Intelligence: Australian Wool Market Report

Posted by Bestprac on Feb 17 2013

Each week the Market Intelligence and Reporting Team at AWI review the latest market information of the Australia Wool Market. The report provides a week to week tracking of the Australian Wool Market during the season, to give stakeholders a better understanding of weekly wool price movements and factors that may influence or impact upon this movement.

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This report is based predominantly on auction data for each week and factors affecting these sales:

  • The number of bales offered, and passed-in and re-offer rates
  • The prices for each micron class in each selling centre, with the price movement on the previous week
  • The three major exchange rates for the Australian Wool Market (AU:US, AU: CYN, AU:EU), with the movement on the previous week
  • The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator and its movement on the previous week
  • The forecast offering of bales for the following three weeks, compared to the actual offerings of the same weeks in the previous season

Also included are:

  • Data on the forward wool market with the average contracted price, wool micron and delivery date.
  • A graph illustrating the monthly EMI since July 2001
  • Commentary on the auction market

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