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National Guidelines for Intensive Sheep Feeding Systems

Posted by Bestprac on Nov 06 2010

Productive Nutrition
After three years of development and consultation with stakeholders, the National Procedures and Guidelines for Intensive Sheep and Lamb Feeding Systems, Edition 1, is now complete and available to download.

The document includes best practice information for established feedlotters as well as new entrants, across the following topics:

Approval process and planning
Environment and design
Feeding system management
Animal health
Supply chain management
To download the document, please visit and select the links to "National Procedures & Guidelines for Intensive Sheep and Lamb Feeding Systems".

The original terms of reference for the development of this document were to create an informative and useful tool which requires a minimum of bureaucracy and has simplicity of compliance and auditing. It was also envisaged that the Procedures and Guidelines would be available for all sectors of the industry to use, whether it be legislators, councils to assist in the assessment of development applications or producers.

The development of a self-audit tool to accompany the Procedures and Guidelines is now underway and is expected to be completed and trialled early next year.

Please do not hesitate to forward this update to anyone who may have an interest in this project or through your networks and we extend our thanks to all involved with this project, including the many producers and industry representatives that have provided feedback and assistance along the way.

We look forward to assisting you with any further information that you may require or receiving your feedback at any time.

Ann Wallace
Project Manager
National Procedures and Guidelines for Intensive Sheep and Lamb Feeding Systems
08 8344 8816


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