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New Innovations – Accelerating Pastoral Zone Innovation

Posted by Bestprac on Mar 10 2014

Pastoral producers are looking for savvier ways to make life and work easier, more efficient, and more productive. This year Bestprac and Australian Wool Innovation are profiling innovations from Australian pastoral properties to help you find ways to make beneficial changes to your own business

New innovation profiles have recently been made available on the Bestprac website.

Innovation Profiles

These document and describe a range of on-property innovations from pastoral areas across Australia. Click here to learn more about these innovations and how they can apply to your business.

EnvirorollsThe new innovation profiles on the Bestprac website are:

  • Managing total grazing pressure with exclusion fencing
  • Erosion control with envirorolls
  • Efficient wild dog baiting
  • Hay bailing native pasture
  • Increasing lambing percentage in the pastoral zone
  • Use of trap yards at watering points

Business Cases

Water Telemetry SystemThese business cases provide you with the economics, considerations and details for applying an innovation on your own property. You can find out the viability of adopting a specific innovation in your business. Click here to read the innovation business cases.

The new innovation business cases on the Bestprac website are:

  • Options for water telemetry
  • Options for goat management
  • Using lick feeders to supplementary feed ewes

Webinar – How to implement rotational grazing in the pastoral zone 

Rotational grazing in high rainfall zones is a common practice, yet there has been limited uptake in low rainfall areas where vast benefits can be achieved.

Pastoral wool producer, Angus Whyte, discusses how his business has made the gradual change from set stocking to rotational grazing. Nic Kentish, a livestock consultant from Nic Kentish Land and Livestock, will also be presenting as a technical expert on grazing systems and low stress stock handling. Click here to view this webinar.

Bestprac will be releasing innovation outputs from now until June 2014. If you have a pastoral innovation to share, contact Taryn Mangelsdorf, Rural Directions Pty Ltd, on 08 8841 4500 or

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