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New OJD entry requirements ratified

Posted by Bestprac on Oct 30 2012

WoolProducers Australia and Sheepmeat Council of Australia

The National Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) Management Committee has re-confirmed its intention to adhere to 1 January 2013 as the implementation date for the revised OJD management plan.

“The Melbourne meeting resolved that the 1 January 2013 implementation date was achievable, following the six months transition period that commenced on 1 July this year,” Mr McColl said.

Mr McColl said the industry representatives at the OJD Management Committee meeting understood the challenges involved in adhering to the 1 January 2013 implementation date.

The revised OJD management plan does away with the existing classifications of High, Medium and Low Prevalence Areas. All areas will default to Control Areas unless regional groups successfully apply for Protected Area status.

WoolProducers Australia President Geoff Power said producers in regions that are currently rated as Low Prevalence Areas and are successfully managing their OJD risk are well placed to attain Protected Areas status under the revised arrangements.

The entry requirements recognised all SheepMAP flocks, regardless of how Monitored Negative status is achieved, to enter the new Protected Areas. This amendment will be in place for 12 months until the results of the SheepMAP review are considered.

Geoff Power, President of Wool Producers Australia, said this decision allowed sufficient time to assess the technical validity of permitting those SheepMAP flocks, maintained by vaccination, to enter Protected Areas.

“Further work needs to be done in this area to either support or reject this position on a technical basis,” Mr Power said.

For further information visit the OJD website at

Fiona Edwards, Sheepmeat Council of Australia (02) 6269 5610
Jo Hall, WoolProducers Australia (02) 4836 7369

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