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New Year Goals

Posted by Bestprac on Jan 15 2009

 By Carlyn Mellors (Rural Directions Pty Ltd)

As we move into a new year it is important to reflect on the year that was and set goals for the year ahead.

The first step in setting goals is to celebrate your achievements on a personal, family, business and community level. By reflecting on your achievements and reinforcing the great things you have been involved in you are providing yourself with motivation to stand-up and do it all again. What property projects have you completed? Have you been on a holiday? Have you tidied the office? Or, have you done a business plan? All of these activities are examples of achievements you might have ticked-off. Go on, have a go at your achievement list. Share it with your family and add to the list together.

Once you have reflected on your achievements for last year, pat yourself on the back and take a step into the new year. We now begin planning our goals for the coming year. I was recently exposed to a new review and goal setting tool called a Goals Grid (Nickols and Ledgerwood). It is a tool that can be used in conjunction with a SWOT analysis or as a stand alone tool.

The process it quite straight forward; draw a grid of four squares on your page (see below for template). At the bottom is Do you want it? And the left hand side is Do you have it? Your response is either yes or no; creating four possible responses:

Goals Grid
1. Do you want something you don't have? (Yes / No) Your goal is to Achieve it
2. Do you want to keep something you already have? (Yes / Yes) Your goal is to keep (Preserve) it
3. Is there something you don't want and don't have? (No / No) Your goal is to Avoid it
4. Is there something you don't want, but have? (No / Yes) Your goal is to get rid of it (Eliminate)

Place your items in each box and use this to begin planning how you will achieve, preserve, avoid or eliminate these items. Good luck!

Some handy tips for your new year:

• Write a To-Do List (Hint: write jobs that you know you can achieve easily or are nearly finished on the top of the list - this provides motivation to continue)
• Tidy the office - clear your mind and desk of clutter
• Take a break off-farm to refresh your mind and body
• Look outside your business for new innovative ways of doing things
• Have fun in all that you do

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