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NSW Version of Climate Dogs – Released

Posted by Bestprac on Feb 07 2012

The Climate Smart Agriculture Team have released the NSW version of the Climate Dogs.

This project was managed by Michael Cashen, our Agricultural Climatologist based in Wagga.

The NSW Climatedog animation series uses humorous animations of sheep dogs to explain complex atmospheric phenomena to farmers. The series has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and Victorian Department of Primary Industries.

Each of these dogs represents the main drivers of climate variability in NSW.

‘Ridgy’ otherwise known as the Subtropical Ridge is the lead dog of the pack. ‘Enso’ represents the El Nino Southern Oscillation phenomena, ‘Indy’ represents the Indian Ocean Dipole and ‘Sam’ the Southern Annular Mode.

Soon to be joining the pack will be ‘Eastie’ who represents the East Coast Low phenomena.

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