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Pestsmart Thinking In Practical Pest Animal Management

Posted by Bestprac on Aug 07 2011

Invasive Animal CRC launches PestSmart toolkits.

Pest animals cost the Australian economy over $1 billion every year. Wild dogs and foxes kill up to 25% of lambs born each season in some areas of Australia. Rabbits damage grazing land and decimate native vegetation. With this negative impact on the economy, agriculture and the environment, farmers need all the help they can get to effectively manage these destructive pest animals.

Launched at the 15th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference in Sydney on 21 June, the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre’s (IA CRC) PestSmart information toolkits on best practice animal management will fill a large gap in easy to access, easy to understand information on pest animals in Australia.

The PestSmart toolkit provides farmers and land managers with a single information resource on the key pest animals in Australia

With landholders spending over $34 million annually on pest animal management, and even more in years when pest numbers reach plague proportions, improved management outcomes are an essential element of keeping on top of rising costs on the land.

Seven years of pest animal research in Australia are being translated into practical toolkits focusing on strategic planning, management and control of key agricultural pest animals.

Each of the toolkit documents are written by experts in pest animal species. They are designed to be a resource and reference as part of an integrated approach to pest animal management and control techniques.

The PestSmart toolkit will include ‘how-to’ guides, case studies, fact sheets, guidelines and technical reports on foxes, wild dogs, feral cats, feral pigs, carp and tilapia. Some information on other pest animals including mice, cane toads and camels will also be produced.

Toolkit publications can be used individually as a snapshot of a particular control method or program, or together as a comprehensive best practice management guide.

A national PestSmart Roadshow is planned to complement the PestSmart toolkits and take the information out to rural and regional areas. The Roadshows are designed to promote the toolkit and new pest animal control products directly to farmers and land managers and will visit every state and territory in the first half of 2012.

>> See PestSmart Roadshow details

The Invasive Animals CRC is running the Roadshow in partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation Limited and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to ensure engagement with as many key stakeholders as possible.

The toolkits, together with the online pest animal information resource, are effective channels to communicating best practice pest animal management to the Australian community. With the current funding of the IA CRC ending on 30 June 2012, these toolkits may be the single information source on pest animal management for farmers and landholders in the future.

The PestSmart toolkits, funded by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resources Economics and Sciences and managed by the IA CRC, are available online at and published in hard copy. Hard copies of the toolkits, as well as other guidelines and reports, are available in limited quantities by emailing

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The IA CRC has applied for extension funding for 2012-2017 under the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre Programme. Successful applicants will be announced in December 2011.

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