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Providing a helping hand to those who need it

Posted by Bestprac on Jul 01 2013

Frontier Services

Outback Links, a program run by Frontier Services, matches up skilled volunteers with families in rural and remote Australia who need a helping hand.

The program responds to the changing needs of people in the bush, filling the gaps for people in a variety of situations when they need support the most, for example, coping with an illness, the arrival of a new baby, an increased workload due to the absence of a spouse, or the fall-out from a natural disaster.

Each volunteer placement is different, lasting from a few days to a month. Tasks undertaken range from feeding animals to mustering cattle, minding children, house maintenance, plumbing, painting and assisting with computers, right through to performing general household duties and gardening.

Volunteers include retired people, city professionals, young families and university students, among others.

The helping hand of an Outback Links volunteer makes an enormous difference to people in isolated locations who cannot easily access support. It is the perfect bridge between urban and rural people as volunteers and families share experiences and build friendships.

To find out more, visit the website or phone 1300 731 349.

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