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Remote Monitoring and Mapping

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 06 2013
By Pene Keynes
At the Hawker 'Looking beyond the Horizion forum, Mike Digby, from the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, demonstrated how spatial information systems, a technology widely used in the military, has been employed to deliver Natural Resources Management outcomes.
These include property level planning and monitoring, integrated catchment planning and monitoring and regional level planning and monitoring.

Mike explained that this has dramatically reduced the time it takes and has improved the accuracy of Property Infrastructure Mapping. Applications from the technology assist their group in monitoring a combination of environmental and productivity concerns related to land condition, ground cover, native pasture density, and decline in carrying capacity.

This tool can be used to benchmark properties and increase producers’ ‘knowledge base’, to give them another layer for making their management decisions. Contact Mike for more information here. See Mike's PowerPoint presentation here

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