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Southern Livestock Adaption

Posted by Bestprac on Aug 07 2013

The three year Southern Livestock Adaption program looked at a range of future climate scenarios and the impact on farm profitability and productivity. Information generated from the program is now available.

The website includes:

  • Program key findings
  • Background to the program, partners and links to other useful sources of information
  • Information about the models used to examine climate change and impacts on livestock production and profitability
  • An interactive map that identifies all the locations where modelling was undertaken which allows the user to drill down to examine the climate scenarios modelled and potential impacts on livestock production and profitability, at a local level. The response to a range of adaptations (farm management changes) are also provided
  • Information on all the background research undertaken by CSIRO, University of Melbourne and TIA, along with copies of all relevant research papers / abstracts
  • A resources section for more information

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