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The end of Bestprac as we know it...

Posted by Bestprac on Jun 03 2014

Bestprac has been operating in pastoral WA, SA, NSW and QLD since 1997. During this time it has evolved from structured facilitated groups into a hub of innovation and information for pastoral wool growers. Sadly June 30 2014, marks the end of the Bestprac project as we know it, but all is not lost.

In recent years, Bestprac has been a source of innovative ideas that pastoral producers can use to ‘spark’ further investigation and research. Bestprac resources such as the Innovation Case Studies, Forums and e-News articles have been highly valued and will be a legacy for the years to come.

Bestprac has engaged with a number of producers and, time and time again, has been overwhelmed with the generosity of time and spirit shown to the network. Thanks to all producers who have been in the Bestprac network over the years, your commitment and involvement has been appreciated.  As producers, you have been integral to the quality of the Bestprac resources. By providing your businesses for profiles and case studies, or your feedback, it has helped the project stay practical and relevant.

Bestprac members at one of the eventsWe must also send a big thank you to Australian Wool Innovation (AWI). Not only have they provided the funds for Bestprac to operate, but also guidance, expert knowledge and resources. Without AWI, Bestprac would not have been possible and, despite the end of Bestprac, the relationship built between AWI and the pastoral zone will remain strong in the future.

Thank you to all of our partners including other AWI networks, sponsors, government agencies and private service providers. The many collaborators, facilitators, writers, videographers and other networks have been valuable contributors for Bestprac and have really helped to extend the reach of the project.

Finally, thank you to the Project Advisory Panel who have been the steering committee of the network. Throughout the years the PAP have directed the Bestprac activities and ensured that the network has stayed in touch with producer needs and wants. We appreciate their efforts and have enjoyed working closely with this great bunch of people.

Now to the future, although Bestprac is ending, we have been working behind the scenes to build a new project. If successful it will be a collaboration between Meat & Livestock Australia and AWI, that will grow to include sheep (meat and wool), cattle and goats. The project aims to build upon the skills that are already in the pastoral zone and hopes to grow the talent in your local area. It hopes to provide producers with the support to increase their skills, capacity and confidence for a more profitable and productive pastoral zone.

While this is the last from Bestprac, we are excited by the opportunities that a new project presents. We hope that you will be too, and we will contact you again in the coming months with more details including how you can become involved in this new project.

Once again, thank you all, we have enjoyed working with you and your business and hope that we can keep helping you in the future.  

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Mr By Lloyd Dunlop on Jun 04 2014
As one of the first trained Bestprac Facilitators in DPI Qld where the project kicked off back in the early 90's, under Richard Clark's training, it is sad to hear the project is wrapping up in its present context under AWI. Congratulations also to Noel O'Dempsey who developed it in Qld and to David Heinjus to take it nationally and give it a life of over 25 years! My spin is that it's success is due to PROCESS and not content so it was inevitable that it widen its content to other primary industries and that MLA in particular run with it. It is a process that truly engages producers. I have used the CI&I process with 4 Qld Bestprac groups (Goondiwindi, Talwood, Cunnamulla and V Gate group), Meat sheep producers, turning wool producers into wheat producers, in business negotiations building meat supply chains and community work. It works! May it live on.

Lloyd Dunlop Lamb Consultant Goondiwindi

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