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Think Tank: Ensuring Sustainability and Embracing Change in the SA Rangelands

Posted by Bestprac on Jul 06 2010

As part of the DAFF Funded project a forum was held in Orroroo, SA, on June 28.

The demise of country towns and communities is something held close to everyone’s hearts, and the continued depletion of key resources such as health and education in our communities is heavily impacting on attracting and retaining people within our communities.

As part of the DAFF Funded project ‘Implementing new practices to manage climate change variability in the Australian pastoral zone’ a forum was held in Orroroo, SA, on June 28 to look at the impacts of climate variability on rangelands businesses and communities, and the tools and resources available to help create more sustainable communities.

Facilitated by Brendan McKeague, the Open Space Technology forum allowed the people of rangelands communities to share their ideas, thoughts and resources on what’s required to help ensure rangelands communities are resilient and sustainable.

Forum participants
What became evident is the need to collaborate within our communities, not be constrained by regional boundaries, and work together to promote the positive elements of the rangelands and living in our communities.

We all can see the benefits from being part of a rangelands based community, and it is now up to us to sell ourselves to others, to encourage investment in the area; be it to live, work, or play.

Key feedback and outcomes from the day included:

  • The need to look at increasing productivity in our own backyards, through collaboration and cooperation to ensure our sustainability and viability
  • There is the need to sell and market our region as the ‘Rangelands’, and together, find the common point to ensure resources are injected back to our communities
  • All regional communities are facing similar issues, and although we are concerned about our own towns, there is the need to support neighbouring towns also
  • There are various opportunities and options, and we need to think positively to engage and embrace these opportunities

A key outcome of the day was the generation of the idea to develop a ‘Rangelands’ prospectus that can be used to sell and market the region, uniting all the communities within the region and working towards a common goal.

Small group discussion at the forum
Attendees at the meeting were encouraged to tell other community members about the key outcomes for the day and continue the collaboration within and between the rangelands communities.

For more information, contact John Squires at Rural Directions Pty Ltd on 8842 1103.

This project is supported by funding from the Australia Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under the FarmReady initiative, part of Australia’s Farming Future. Bestprac is also acknowledged for their support and contribution to the project.

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