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Weather Watch (June 2012)

Posted by Bestprac on May 31 2012

by Susan Carn (Hawker/Blinman Bestprac Group)

This month I’ll mention some weather information available from a variety of sources: the internet, mobile phones, television and even a higher power!

But first, the Carn farm is a good news / bad news story. The good news is our lambing rates are terrific again thanks to our decision to lamb earlier. All the sheep are in great condition, and there’s still plenty of feed in the paddocks, albeit dry.

The bad news is we’ve had no decent rain for over two months and our chances of getting enough to sow a crop on are looking slim. We did sow one paddock dry with barley, but I don’t like its chances. The reason behind our lack of autumn rain is that the Subtropical ridge seems to be stuck in its summer position, meaning huge blocking high pressure systems. See the Bureau of Meteorology diagram.
Bureau of Meteorology weather diagram

Of -course Ben, ever the optimist, says “Don’t worry it’ll rain and we’ll still sow and reap something”. However, even if we do get enough to sow on, I have reason to believe it might not be wise. The weather gods are not being kind lately and maybe there’s a commandment that goes “Thou shalt not sow on false breaks”! We all know that getting a follow-up rain is just as necessary as the opening one.

Plus we need to consider conditions for the rest of the growing season. The BOM’s outlook for South Australia is for dryer and warmer than normal conditions for the next three months. The seasonal forecast from the APEC climate centre agrees with this somewhat, but they see June as the driest and warmest month, and August as having average rainfall. Their maps show big contrasts in rainfall for different parts of Australia.

As the mobile phone coverage here is good, I finally bought myself a smart phone. I’m really enjoying being able to access weather maps so conveniently! Every morning I check the BOM’s “Interactive Weather and Wave Forecast Maps” site, a moving map of the next 7 days showing where the highs, lows and rainfall will go.

Speaking of phones, the Ag Excellence Alliance hasve produced a book of Apps for farmers. Free Apps, as well as ones to buy, have been included. All areas of interest to farmers have been covered, so it’s a big document. You can download the full book, or get an Android or iPhone version here.

Understanding why things happen, or don’t happen is very important to me. Television weather reports usually frustrate me, but now I’ve found a TV weather presenter who explains weather maps extremely well. Magdalena Roze, from the Channel 10 “Breakfast” show, is an award winning journalist and meteorologist. If you don’t get that channel where you live you can watch a video of her daily report for Australia on the “Breakfast” website. She’s worth a look!

Happy surfing, watching, learning and praying until next time!

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