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Weather Watch (May 2013)

Posted by Bestprac on May 01 2013

by Susan Carn (Hawker/Blinman Bestprac Group)

Last week we drove some friends around our whole property. As I’m chiefly an office girl these days, I don’t get out there much, so I got a real shock to see how dry it had become in just a couple of months!

It made me question our decision to lamb down in late Autumn, as we saw a few early lambs, with their mothers, and not a great deal of good stuff to eat. However, the latest outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology, for winter, is for it to be dryer than average. So, if that’s the case it’s a mute point!

As with a lot of SA, we had a nice rain on the 20th and 21st of April, but it won’t be much use without a follow-up. Looking at the BOM’s Interactive weather map, I think we might just miss out on the next one, unfortunately. So, some de-stocking may be in order. You can check this map out here.

At this time of year the high pressure systems, governed by the Sub Tropical Ridge, should be moving up into their winter position. This is up around northern SA/QLD, rather than in the Great Australian Bight, and allows low pressure systems from the south to come up as high as possible. You can check their whereabouts on the Interactive map as well.

Later this year the Bureau of Meteorology will release its new forecast viewer, called MetEye but before they do they are asking people to trial it and give them some feedback. Simply click here and enter Username:  meteye and Password:  experimental

The following explanation is from Pradeep Singh (Media and Community Relations), BOM: “New features

Feedback from the first trial late last year was very helpful and since then we’ve added some features and upgraded the Map display and Text Views. MetEye can be driven by point and click using a mouse, but we would also like you to use MetEye’s other features on a daily basis, specifically:

  • The search functions (using postcode or location name) to find a forecast for different locations around Australia.
  • The Text View option for displaying a weather forecast for any location
  • The ‘Display 3 hourly forecast’ option within the Text View which show values for the next 7 days (This feature will be available in Qld from around October this year and in 2015 in the NT)

MetEye- you eye on the environment

Providing feedback to the Bureau
Please send your feedback to, or via the feedback icon on MetEye. We look forward to hearing from you, and encourage you to share the link with your friends or colleagues.”

So this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a say in the format our local weather information is presented.
I will be speaking at the Woolgangi Station Field Day, on May 9th, about how the rest of this year might pan out. Let’s hope I have some good news!

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