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Webinar on early weaning using a high starch diet for rumen development

Posted by Bestprac on Apr 28 2014

Accelerating Pastoral Zone Innovation Webinar
June 6, 12:30-1:15pm

This webinar will teach you about an innovative way to improve your weaner survival and performance which is critical to increasing profitability. This innovation can provide a method for pastoralists to improve the management of weaners and overall profitability.

In June Bestprac will bring you another webinar to discuss ‘Early weaning using a high starch diet for rumen development.'

In this short, interactive webinar you will hear from livestock nutritionist Hamish Dickson from AgriPartners consulting who will teach you:

  • Sheep in weaning pens on James Robertson's propertyWhat early weaning using a high starch diet for rumen development is and how it works.
  • What the different options for this innovation are and the key aspects of each option.
  • What the cost vs benefits of the different options are.
  • What you should consider when implementing this innovation.
  • How you can use this information to implement the innovation on your own property.

James Robertson from Chowilla Station north of Renmark in South Australia has been the focus of the soon to be released Accelerating Pastoral Zone innovation business case on this topic. Having implemented this innovation, his learnings and experience will be drawn on to deliver this webinar.

James Robertson says ‘as a result of weaning lambs earlier than normal, ewes at Chowilla Station were observed to be in better condition at joining. This has resulted in the average lambing rate increasing from 85% to 95%.’

Register for this webinar by clicking here.
If you cannot attend please register and we will send the recording to you after the event.

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